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Terrestrial, Temporal
3D Animation - Cinema 4D


My work often incorporates elements of exploration and world-building.  I create objects and environments that have an implied history or importance to them. I shy away from clear narratives. I like to hint at a greater world outside the work I’m showing. I don’t feel the need to give the viewer the entire story, just enough to create intrigue.  

I primarily focus on time-based pieces. It feels natural to use video and animation to create something that’s exploratory in nature. I can physical (or virtually) move a camera around to force a perspective change, advancing a narrative or offering a new point of view. 

I don’t need my work to be fully understood. It can be surreal, confusing, or outright bizarre. I don’t aim to make my work strange for the sake of being strange. I aim to create a sense of intrigue, if only for a moment.  

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