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Pale North
Game Design - Blender, C#, Illustrator, Photoshop, Unity

In Pale North, you play as a newly assembled, elven android model Lv.12. Over the course of the game he begins to realize his role in production assembly, and his looming mortality. He is caught in the cycle of technological obsolescence driven by consumer demand, his role as just another cog in the machine. Lv.12's journey of self-reflection mirrors my own perception of the transition in video games from being driven by passion to being driven by profit.


The project is a commentary on contemporary consumerist practices and its relationship with mass-production and the rights of those it employs. It addresses these issues, while also being homage to 5th-generation gaming and a reflection of the evolution of game design.

For me, video games were at their most impactful when they had limitations to overcome, especially in the jump from 2D to 3D gameplay (like Nintendo’s N64 Zelda games). The paths they took to get around their obstacles are what has made them stand the test of time as almost literature. Can we say the same about works developed today when the industry has grown to such a massive scale?

In a similar vein, my perception of holiday imagery has changed significantly as I’ve grown older. The island of misfit toys movie is a constant inspiration for the game in the way that it illustrates the role of production, and ultimately what happens to the ones left behind. What I used to see as a magical family celebration of religion has been diluted into a season of focused nostalgia-based advertisement. 

Pale North is a passion project that's allowed me to accommodate my own sense of nostalgia while critically addressing the monetization of all aspects of our lives.

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