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Run It Back Film
Animated Gifs - Quadra Lens Camera

My work focuses on the multiplicity of identity through the fracturing of a moment. Using
a quadra-lens camera, I am able capture four frames, off set in space, of one instant. This
photo-mechanical process allows me to have multiple outcomes of that one moment: still
images, gif animations, and stereoscopic reconstructions of depth. In my thesis work I map
this multiplicity to how we construct our sense of self in this digital age. In the context of
social media there is a heightened awareness to how we are perceived by the public. The
identity that we create for ourselves is interconnected with the pressure to curate a
unique personal brand. I aim to challenge how we apply corporate design standards to our
own identities.

These portraits were taken in a thrift shop; a place where brands are cast off to then be
created new again. The sense of self-possession is emphasized in the cultural remix of the
secondhand marketplace. The main goal of the work is to assert an authentic identity in a
cultural context where we are inundated with multinational corporate brand advertising.
This project exists in many realms, the physical experience of depth through framed gifs,
anaglyphs that require the viewer to bring the subject to life, and a collection of people
highlighted on Instagram under a created project brand/anti-brand: Run It Back Film.

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