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Pale Extant (Working Title)
Game Design - Blender, C#, Illustrator, Photoshop, Unity

This game is an exploration of ideas of mass-production and ethical consumerism through the lens of Santa's android elves. Santa’s workshop was chosen for the game's setting because of its close relationship with modern capitalistic practices, such as the limitless creation of goods for profit. The legends themselves were fabricated in order to push sales during the holidays.


Santa’s elves (the workers) are a necessity to maintain the North Pole’s huge output. Yet, the friendly imagery and atmosphere surrounding the Santa Claus' brand prevents their exploitation. The natural next step would be a substitution of his workers with less-emotive robot counterparts. They're stronger, faster, require less energy to operate, and easily replaceable.

The version shown here, for "Invite Your Mom" is a small-scale demo of the final game. I am pretty new to object-oriented coding, and much of the challenge this term revolved around learning how to use it in conjunction with figuring out Unity itself. Initially, this small version was supposed to operate through fulfilling goals set for you by your fellow elves, but due to time constraints, had to be reeled back a little. Instead, the player collects bits on their own, in hopes of saving up for any of the ridiculously-priced items in the shop.

In person, the game operates via wired Switch Controller input. Elsewhere, it operates through WASD and arrow controls, with Q and E set as action buttons. Download links for the game are at the bottom of the page.

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