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Document (A Preview)
Stop Motion Animation - DragonFrame, Adobe Premier Pro/After Effects/Audition


My work is the result of my constant perusal through the never-ending stream of sensory information life affords me.  It is a reflection and exploration of things, places, and events that have impacted me, informed me, and shaped my perception of the world. My art is rhythm and emotion, emulating the cyclical trends and symmetry I so often experience and seem to gravitate towards.  It is a reflection of my unabated hunt for the details that have always aided me in understanding life, figuring out how and why things work the way they do, and occasionally the elation of discovering something that seemed previously hidden.  In addition to enjoying the exploration of inner workings, I also have an appreciation for the often-exaggerated qualities of human creations and how they can so starkly contrast with organic elements outside of our invention.  Although my work spans a variety of different formats, my passion with stop motion animation currently spans the greatest number of the aforementioned qualities while also providing me with access to an ever growing and evolving variety of digital tools.  As with any artist, nothing I create is without influence.  I find comfort and reward in knowing that, as well as the reciprocity in that which I create having influence on others.

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